what is user adoption?

what is user adoption?
* User adoption is the process of helping individuals, teams, or organizations transition to a future state that demonstrates complete ownership of NetSuite.
* Help employees (end users) quickly adapt to new innovations as well as sustain the changes over time.

User Adoption Objectives:
* define the supporting team and the need for change
* manage the organizations through the stages of change
* identify and manage points of resistance
* Assure logistics, policies, procedures and roles are aligned
* Assure impacted groups are informed and prepared
* ensure that knowledge transfer requirements are planned.

Key Roles & Responsibilities
* Executive Sponsors
* NetSuite Consultant
* Client Lead

When to focus on it
* the transitioning of individual, teams, and organizations to a future state that demonstrates ownership and value through sustained user adoption of NetSuite.

Addressing Common barriers to success
1. resistance to change
proactively identify potential points of resistance & manage
2. Inadquate Sponsorship
Develop a sponsorship plan & ensure roles are understood
3. Unrealistic Expectations
Manage expectations via engaging & communicating with stakeholders
4. Case for change Not Compelling
Create a clear vision for the change aligned to business strategy & goals
5. No horizontal process view
Identify and communicate changes to business process, roles, policies, etc.

Benefits and Value
* Faster time to value
* increased productivity
* improved adoption
* streamlined implementations

Impact of planned change
* with strategic focus: Maxmize user adoption; increased goal achievement; enable training effectiveness; provide sustained change; create positive change culture.
* without strategic focus: reduced adoption; lowered satisfaction; delayed time to value; unachieved goals; resistant change culture.

Adoption services with NetSuite

  • maintaining ownership in the future
  • sustained adoption requires end users to develop a sense of ownership. we will use a progressive process to build ownership in your organization.
  • awareness -> desire -> understanding -> empowered -> ownship
  • reward and reinforcement

NetSuite User Adoption tools

  • vision statement
  • change readiness assessment
  • stakeholder engagement analysis
  • change strategy and roadmap
  • change impact analysis
  • communication plan
  • end user adoption assessment

waht webinar topics are you interested in hearing more about?
1. what does poor user adoption look like?
2. how can i maximize user adoption?
3. change success stories.
4. how to conduct a change impact analysis?

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