What Can Happen When You Try to Convert a Standard SharePoint 2010 Farm to Enterprise

What Can Happen When You Try to Convert a Standard SharePoint 2010 Farm to Enterprise

当你想转换标准SharePoint 2010 场到企业版时会发生什么?

        I was investigating on what exactly are the differences between a SharePoint farm with Standard CAL and Enterprise CAL. And even more, with/without Office Web Apps. So first I got my single server installation built, with Office Web Apps, and took several screenshots. Then I go ahead to input my Enterprise key in Convert License Type page.

        我正在研究带有标准客户端访问许可和企业版客户端访问许可的SharePoint场究竟有哪些区别,以及是否带有Office Web Apps。所以首先我安装自己的服务器,带有Office Web Apps,然后截些图,然后我前往输入我的企业版Key到转换证书类型页面。

        What? The input control is disabled? Current License shows I have SharePoint Server with Standard Client Access License, it's not a trial, so it's not my key problem.

        什么,输入控件被禁用了?当前证书显示我有SharePoint Server(具有标准版版客户端访问许可证),它不是试用版的,所以不是我的Key的问题。


        When move the mouse to the input box, it shows a default cursor, instead of a text cursor, which means it is disabled. I tried inside and outside the VM, different browsers, nothing really helps.  


        I don't have the time to troubleshoot what the hell happened, so here's the trick:我没有时间弄懂问题的原因,所以就想了个小窍门:

        Get your IE8 developer tool out, and point it to the disabled input box.打开IE8开发工具,指向禁用的输入框。

        Now you can have the line highlighted. Hmm, disabled="disabled". Let's change it to trick the page.



        I changed the name "disabled" to something that doesn't make sense. I guess people can have a better idea for this but anyway. 



        Now I can input my Enterprise license key to the box. Wait, OK button is still disabled. Time for the same trick…



        After Ok button is enabled, click on it, the feature for Enterprise CAL now can be unlocked without any problem.



        I don't know what caused the original problem. But anyway, this is a quick way to have a workaround.


        Note: this is not for production use. If you got the same issue on a production farm, better call support.


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